No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Aghaaz is a medium for you to use your business acumen for the aid and support of those in need. It gives you a platform to make an impact on the lives of people who need upliftment and provide sustainable solutions to societal problems.

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.”

We rise by lifting others. Aghaaz gives your passion to serve, the ability to deliver. If you gain happiness by doing your bit for the society, this is the event for you.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1) All rounds will be virtual
  • 2) Each team consists of 1-3 members
  • 3) Registration starts on 20th November 2021 and ends 30th November 2021
  • 4) All team members should be from the same institute
  • 5) Team members can be either from the first year, second year or a combination of both. All branches of MBA are eligible
  • 6) No participant can be a part of more than one team for the same event. Multiple registrations by the same participant will lead to disqualification
  • 7) Teams should register with a name which does not reflect the name of their B-School or city where the college is located
  • Rounds

    Round 0: Case-let Submission-

  • 1) Participating teams will be given a case-let revolving around a social issue
  • 2) The submission must be made in the form of a PDF
  • 3) The solution should not contain more than 2 pages
  • 4) The last date of submission is 4th December 2021
  • 5) The Team Leader will make the submission
  • 6) This will be an elimination round

  • Round 1: Case Study Submission-

  • 1)Qualifying teams will be given a case study and will have to submit the solution in the form of a PPT
  • 2) The presentation should NOT contain more than 8 slides (including the Introduction and Thank You slide) and the last date of submission is 8th December 2021
  • 3) This will not be an elimination round

  • Round 2: Case Study Presentation-

  • 1) Teams from the previous rounds will progress to the final round where they will be required to present their solutions before the judges on an online platform
  • 2) The time allotted for each presentation will be 10 minutes followed by 2 minutes of Q&A session by the judges
  • 3) The teams will present their solutions to the judges on an online platform
  • 4) No alterations would be allowed in the PPT post submission
  • 5) Final insights should be shown in the PPT. Include all your findings and visualizations, charts, and graphs (if any) in the PPT