They say entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily about ideas as much as it is about making the ideas happen. In that spirit, we present to you Pitch Perfect, an entrepreneurial event like no other. An event that not only checks the quality of your idea but rigorously analyses your team and its adaptability to changing scenarios.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain"

After all, the only thing consistent in entrepreneurship is change. And more than just change, we at Passion would like to understand your perception of it. The theme of Passion, this year, is Prism of Perception. The participant’s ideas in the following rounds must align with this theme. Details of the event are as given below.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1) All rounds will be virtual
  • 2) Each team consists of 1-3 members
  • 3) Registration starts on 20th November 2021 and ends 30th November 2021
  • 4) All team members should be from the same institute
  • 5) Team members can be either from the first year, second year or a combination of both. All branches of MBA are eligible
  • 6) No participant can be a part of more than one team for the same event. Multiple registrations by the same participant will lead to disqualification
  • 7) Teams should register with a name which does not reflect the name of their B-School or city where the college is located
  • Rounds

    Round 0: Two-slider presentation -

  • 1) Two-slider presentation on any business plan that aligns with the given theme + a 1-minute video that talks about how the plan and theme align with each other as well as other parameters such as problem statement, business idea
  • 2) The theme for round 1 remains the same as the overall theme for Passion’21.
  • 3) The following would be the parameters that the slides should be based on: Business Idea | Value addition | Execution
  • 4) Video will be no more than 60 seconds in length
  • 5) This will be an elimination round
  • 6)The quiz will test the knowledge of participants across various aspects of corporate finance, derivatives, private equity, and current affairs in the business domain
  • 7) The last date of submission is 1st December 2021

  • Round 1: Expansion of 2 slider presentation into comprehensive 10 slider presentation

  • 1)Qualifying teams will have to expand their two-slider idea and all kinds of details and research and will have to submit the solution in the form of a 10-slider presentation
  • 2)The presentation should NOT contain more than 10 slides (including the Introduction and Thank You slide) and the last date of submission is 8th December 2021

  • Round 2: Presentation Round-

  • 1)Shortlisted teams will present their plan/10 slider ppt to the judges on-campus/virtually (depending upon the then prevailing covid situation)
  • 2)The cumulative time allotted for each presentation along with the Q&A round would be 10 minutes
  • 3)Presentations submitted in Round 1 will be used for the final presentation. No alterations to the PPT would be allowed post submission
  • 4)Participants should not use the name or logo of their institute in the PPT deck